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Nudging Novices: 5 Persuasive Patterns

Nudging Novices: 5 Persuasive Patterns

During my time at the University of Hannover I ran an experiment with computer science students. I used some of the persuasive mechanisms I catalogued in my dissertation to get them to use version control better.

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How Software Developers Use Twitter

How Software Developers Use Twitter

Many software developers use Twitter in their work, but how and why exactly do they use it? Why do some developers choose not to use Twitter, and what—if anything—do they use instead? We conducted a study to investigate these questions in depth.

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Improving the Adoption of Software Engineering Practices Through Persuasive Interventions

Dissertation on Persuasive Interventions

I examined the influence tools can have on the adoption of practices. I extracted a set of 24 adoption patterns from literature and provide a process that shows how these patterns can be applied systematically.

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Me and the Octocat.

On Testing Culture in GitHub Projects

Low barriers make it easier to get started with important practices, and social transparency helps these practices diffuse in development communities. In this qualitative study, we investigated how a few properties of GitHub affect testing practices in software development.

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Achievement badges for writing code: the gamification of software development. Courtesy of

Peer Assessment in Social Media for Developers

Our study on how and why developers use different social media sites, focusing mostly on profile aggregators. Developers assess each other and are aware of being assessed—by other developers and recruiters as well. Achievement badges courtesy of

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